Atlassian focuses on verification, integration in Bitbucket upgrade

Emphasizing enterprise devops, Atlassian is focusing on automation enhancements this week to its code management and continuous integration platforms.

The 5.0 versions of Bitbucket Server and Data Center, Atlassian’s Git code management tool, focus on compliance requirements with a committer verification capability. Only the author of a commit can push changes back to the central repository, and a log of code changes is kept for auditing purposes. Data Center is intended for datacenter deployments, with capabilities like high availability and clustering. Bitbucket Server is deployed on a single server.

Also, smart mirror authentication caching in Data Center 5.0 lets global teams maintain mirror access by caching authentication credentials locally in the event of short outages, Atlassian said. The Bitbucket upgrades are currently in a beta stage of release.

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Study Finds Gender Bias in Open Source Community

Gender bias affects contributions to the open source community, according to a paper published Monday. Female programmers’ suggestions for code changes in open source projects — called “pull requests” — were accepted more often than those of their male counterparts when gender was unspecified. However, that changed when the gender of a pull request’s author could be identified.

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